You are Alison. You knew this. Yet you also know that may not be true. Your chest feels lighter than normal, and you can't move. \n\n"Hello Damien" You hear. Lights are shining directly at you, so you can't see who said it.\n\nTBC
<<if $SeenBodies eq "yes">>The room is dark, but it's pretty easy to make most of it out. The immediate concern are the 2 bodies. From where you are, you can see one is male and one is female. You start walking over to them when you notice a faint blue light from near the bed.\n\nYou still want to check the bodies, but the light really seems to be drawing you in.\n\n<<else>>\nThe room is dark, but it's pretty easy to make most of it out, enough to get an immediate sense of what is going on around you. And you do not like what you find.\n\nYou make out 2 other people lying on the floor, from where you are, you can see one is male and one is female. The male looks like he is lying in a pool of dark liquid.\n\nYou hope it's not blood, but you are pretty sure. You start walking over to them when you notice a faint blue light from near the bed.\n\nYou decide you want to check the pulses of the bodies, but the light really seems to be drawing you in.\n\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Check the woman|CheckWoman]]\n\n[[Check the man|CheckMan]]\n\n[[Check the light|CheckBed]]\n
You turn the dimmer, but unluckily for you, the wrong way. The lights get so bright so quick that your head starts to hurt. Then POP! You are left in the dark.\n<<if $SeenBodies eq "yes">> You are now trapped in a room with what you believe to be 2 dead bodies. This fact does not help to calm you, in fact it seems to be doing quite the opposite. You start to freak out in the darkness, it seems to be physically pressing down upon you. You try to breath properly, and a faint memory streaks across your brain, you think you have an asthma inhaler in your pockets.\n\n[[Look in pockets|Pockets]]\n\n<<else>>\n<<set $CheckedDoor = "yes">>\nNow your only problem is how long it will take for your eyes to adapt. Well, technically you also have a headache, so 2 problems.\n\nYou remember there was a door by the switch, so you try it, but to no avail. You can't even see any light in the crack beneath the door.\n\nYou could wait for your eyes to adapt to the dark, but instead you decide to search your immediate area.\n\n[[Pat the floor around you|DoorFloor]]\n\n[[Look in pockets|Pockets]]\n\n<<endif>>
<<set $GotIguana = "yes">>You rummage around, finding very little.\n\nThere is however, a cold, heavy lump of something on the floor. It's too dark to make out, but it feels very intricate. You don't know why, but you decide that this is a very dangerous thing, and you place it back where it originally lay. \n\nThe only other thing you find is a palm sized, square shaped, piece of plastic. For some strange reason you imagine bleeps, bloops and small green sqaures. It feels nice, so you decide to keep it.\n\nThis is futile, you decide it was a stupid idea and go to search your pockets instead.\n\n[[Pockets|Pockets]]\n\n
<<set $GotAddress = "yes">>The man seems familiar, although not entirely. But that is secondary to the fact that he has massive head trauma from a bullet, and is certainly dead. \n\nYou check for a pulse anyway, you find none. You quickly check him over.\n\nHis hands are partially clenched on some things. The right hand was recently holding onto a crowbar that has now fallen onto the ground. You've never liked crowbars, for some reason you imagine crabs crawling over you. The Left hand is holding a metal ring. You know this is a wedding ring, and you also know something big must have happened for him to take it off. \n\nYou check his pockets, you find nothing big. There is but a piece of paper. You can barely make out a room number and the name of a hotel, and you take this to be where you are now. \n\nYou decide there isn't much else you can do with the man, so you decide to examine the woman.\n\n[[Examine woman|CheckWoman]]
You pick up the phone, then realise you don't remember any phone numbers. The only thing you do remember is the short 3 digit number for emergency services.\n\nThe situation certainly calls for them, so you dial away and after a few seconds you hear a click and a muffled voice.\n\n"Emergency. Which service do you require?"\n\nAs you reply, you realise your own voice doesn't sound familiar. But shrug it off during the conversation. You're not sure which service is best, but you think the injuries need the most attention, so you ask for an ambulance.\n\n"OK, one moment." The phone clicks.\n\n"Ambulance, what is the address of the emergency?"\n\n<<if $GotAddress eq "yes">>\nYou tell the address you found on the paper to the operator. You explain the room number may be wrong.\n\n"OK, and what is the situation?"\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $SawSign eq "yes">>\nYou explain that you can only see the sign from your window, and tell them the name of the hotel.\n\n"OK, and what is the situation?"\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $GotAddress eq "no">><<if $SawSign eq "no">>You say you don't know the address, but you are calling from a hotel room. \n\n"OK, we should be able to trace the number, we will need you to stay on the phone. You can explain the situation to me in the mean time."\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $SawMobster eq "yes">>\nYou explain that you have found at least 2 injured people with faint pulses, and that you think there is another dead person.\n\n"We will be right there, but can you explain a bit more while you wait?"\n\nYou tell the operator as much as you know, she tells you not to worry, she will also notify the police and they will be there as soon as possible. She needs to hang the phone up, but says to call back straight away if anything else happens.\n<<else>>\nYou explain that there are 2 injured people, one of which you think has no pulse. You mention a gunshot wound.\n\n"We will be right there, and I'll notify the police. Can you tell me exactly what happened?"\n\nYou try to tell the operator as much as you know, she tells you not to worry, they will be there as soon as possible. She needs to hang the phone up, but says to call back straight away if anything else happens.\n<<endif>>\n\nYou sit there for a while, trying to slow your breathing. It is so quiet it hurts. Your headache is slowly dying down. You feel like you can almost drop off to sleep.\n\n[[try to sleep?|Mobsters]]
<<set $GotAddress = "no">><<set $SawSign = "no">>You are Alison. You know this. You are stood in a room with very bright lights, and it appears to be very messy. As your eyes adjust you find it to be some kind of hotel room. However it is still bright, so bright you cannot make much out.\n\nYou look for a light switch, and find a dimmer close by. Alternatively you could just squint and bear it.\n\n[[Dim the lights|Lights]]\n\n[[Squint for details|Squint]]
<<set $SawSign = "yes">>The view from the window is lacking. There is a fire escape leading down to the ground, but it doesn't look like the safest thing. You look around trying to find some landmark or other details, but you can only barely make out a sign stuck to this building. The sign is backwards, which doesn't stop you from deciphering the name of the hotel.\n\nThis window has been all used up. The only other thing that might help is the phone. However, you could try and go down the fire escape and try to find help.\n\n[[Use the phone|BedPhone]]\n\n[[Use the fire escape|FireEscape]]
<<set $SawFriend = "yes">>Now that you're able to examine it better, your turn it over a few times in you hand. One side feels a lot more smooth than the other one. You have a feeling you should check around the edges too and find some buttons. You somehow know which one to press, and as you do, what seems like small nuclear explosion lights up your eyes and makes your head feel like your brain wants to try and leave your cranium.\n\nThe light blinks off again, leaving streaks of yellow in your eyes. You wait a moment until you think you can take it, and then press the button again.\n\nThe screen shows a photo of 2 women and some numbers. You remember what the mobile phone is, and how it can help you. You are overjoyed with the possibilities, you can phone anybody, you remember the number for the police, they should be able to track you through it. The light blinks off. It suddenly dawns on you there is a glaring flaw to your plan. As you press the button again, you try your hardest to try and remember the sequence of buttons that unlocks the phone. But, nope, all that's there is a void where memories used to live.\n\nNow that your eyes have been accustomed to light again, the only practical use for the phone is as a light source. You shine the phone around the room, and manage to pick out a small table and a glint of metal. You sweep the floor with the phone as you go, helping to avoid tripping. When you get to the metal, it turns out to be a lamp. \n\nAfter turning on the light, and getting used to the pain from your head, you waste no more time by examining the room.\n\n[[Examine room|LightRoom]]
The woman's face is pretty beat up, but a twinge of recognition hits you. You are fairly sure you know her, although you can't fully place it. You check her pulse, it's very faint, but there is one. You need to find a way to help her.\n\n<<if $checkedDoor eq "yes">> \nYou've already checked the door and there is no way through it. \n\n<<else>>\nThe first thing you do is run to the door, and it stays exactly how it is as you careen into it. You bang on the door and then turn around in anger.\n<<endif>>\nYou scream for help, but need another plan in case no one hears. You quickly look around for other options and can only come up with 2. There is a phone on a small table by the bed, and there is a small window. \n\n[[Try the phone|BedPhone]] \n\n[[Check out the window|Window]] \n
The fire escape wants you to like it. It drew you in with it's sense of security. As you are climbing down, it feels the need to gently sway you. As it does, you find it hard to place your feet. When you slip and cry out, the fire escape gets scared and wants to help you, so it decides to drop you to the floor as quickly as it can. What it doesn't know is that sudden drops from that height are deadly to our species. As you twitch, the fire escape looks down and silently mourns your passing.\n\nEither that or the inanimate metal was old and rusting, which resulted in a break in the stairs, causing you to fall and die. But that's just a crazy idea.\n\n[[Now, how about you wake up?|AlisonDeath]]
<<set $MatchNum = 4>>\n<<if $SeenBodies eq "yes">> You feel a few different things before you finally grasp onto your inahaler. *Kshh* *Kshh* You can breath now and start to feel a lot better. The darkness creeps away until all that's left is your nice corner of the room. You realise there is no point in dawdling now, and go to find out what else was in your pockets. <<endif>> You gather up everything you find. The total adds up to your asthma inhaler, <<if $GotIguana eq "yes">> the plastic square from the floor, <<endif>> a few bits of card, what feels like a book of matches, a lump of shiny plastic, and lots of tiny bits of fluff and miscellaneous debris. This last thing seems very unhelpful and you don't know why you even included it in your assessment.\n\n<<if $SeenBodies eq "yes">> You already know what the inhaler is for\n<<else>> The inhaler might come in useful if you ever have a hard time breathing. You decide there's no need to examine it. <<endif>>\n\nIt is too dark to read any of the bits of card.\n\nYou fiddle with the matches, and find only 4 left on the book. You could light one and have a bit of light, or save them. You also remember you have a headache... \n\nThe lump of plastic is very familiar. You seem to know that you use this many times a day, but can't recall exactly what it does. As you're trying to remember, your head hurts, hinting at one of it's uses. \n\nThe debris is naggin at you, if you think it'll help you could examine it.\n\nFinally you realise that all the time spent faffing with these things has given your eyes time to almost acclimatise to the darkness. If you wait a little longer you think you could examine most of the room. \n\n[[Light match|FloorMatches]]\n\n[[Examine lump|FloorMobile]]\n\n[[Examine debris|FloorLint]]\n\n[[Wait a few minutes|DarkRoom]]\n
The banging on the door was less firecracker in an ant hill, and more Hiroshima. In your dozy state, it makes every nerve in your body twitch at the same time.\n\nIt seems rather loud for paramedics, but you rush over to the door.\n\nYou're rather surprised by what happens next. You don't expect the crunching sounds, you don't expect the shouting, but the thing that's most surprising is the slice of wood that hits you square in the temple.
Black In.
<html><a href="">Robert Kempinski </a></html>\n\n
Ok I'll humour you.\n\nYou dump it all into your hand and it's so dark you cannot see anything... \n\nWhat? \n\nYou want more? OK.\n\nThe bits of fluff feel really soft, so they're obviously not course fibres that could be traced to anything relevant. In fact, it feels a lot like the soft cotton that your jean pockets are made from. Strange that.\n\nThere are also little hard, sharp bits. You think these could be wood shavings and start to wonder what you did for a job, this could be a clue and help to get your full memory back. After a while of deep thought nothing is recalled, so you decide to drop that line of thinking. \n\nThere are tiny specks of what feels like sand. Your damaged brain decides to make you sprinkle some into your mouth. It dissolves quickly leaving a sharp taste making you regret this whole endeavour. Hmm, salt.\n\nEnough? OK, good.\n\nAfter all this time you are pretty sure you can make almost everything out in the room. This now seems like the best course of action, but you can still light a match or look at the plastic thing.\n\n[[Examine dark room|DarkRoom]]\n\n[[Light match|FloorMatches]]\n\n[[Examine lump|FloorMobile]]\n
<<set $SawMobster = "yes">>As you get closer, the dim blue glow slowly forms into a small symbol and some writing, it looks like glow in the dark ink. As you grasp at what it is, you read the word trinity below 3 small triangles. The ink is applied to, what you now realise is, something clammy. \n\nIn any other situation, the body attached to the other end of the clammy hand would make you scream and run away, but the 2 bodies you have already been exposed to kind of makes the situation a little different. So you scream and try to run away, but you do calm down quickly and go back to check the body.\n\nYou pull him out just enough to check his vital signs. He has a bad wound on his head, which is still bleeding; ironically it's a good sign. His pulse is weak, but there. You pat him down and check his hands but you don't find anything useful.\n\nYou can now either check on the woman, or check on the other man.\n\n[[Check the woman|CheckWoman]]\n\n[[Check the man|CheckMan]]
<<set $SeenBodies = "yes">>You just squint to get an immediate sense of what is going on around you. And you do not like what you find.\n\nYou make out 2 other people lying on the floor, no details can be seen, but you know one of them is lying in what looks like a wide pool of dark liquid.\n\nYou hope it's not blood, but are pretty sure. You decide you want to check the pulses of the bodies, but the brightness is starting to give you a headache.\n\n[[Check person in pool|CheckMan]]\n\n[[Check other person|CheckWoman]]\n\n[[Go dim the light first|Lights]]\n
<<set $MatchNum = 3>>You strike the match, your eyes flinch at the light and it travels to your head, flaring the small ache to something more bowling ball sized.\n\nThe tiny point of light you created only shows roughly half of the room. Before it extinguishes, you scan the room. The light flickers to it's death, but you manage to pick out a lamp on a small table.\n\nIt is pitch dark... again. Luckily the path to the table looked clear, so you stumble over to it and switch it on. Your headache can't get much worse.\n\nThe room around you is now light enough to examine, so you do so.\n\n[[Examine room|LightRoom]]